• Turnout is all day every day. On Sunday there is a nominal fee for turnout if you cannot do so yourself.
  • Stalls are cleaned every day but Sunday. You may clean your own stall or sign up to have it done for a small fee.
  • Horses are fed three times daily. Grain and hay are fed morning and evening. Night hay is also provided.
  • Boarders are assigned one saddle rack and bridle hook per horse in the tack room. Reasonably sized tack trunks are appreciated.
  • Helmets are encouraged at all times. Riders under 18 must wear helmets. All riders must wear a helmet when jumping. There is no jumping unless supervised by a trainer.
  • Lesson times are blocked and posted so boarders are aware of trainers' schedules.
  • Two-horse trailer parking is available free of charge on the Francis Road side of the property. Larger trailers will be assessed a parking fee.
  • A washer and dryer are available free of charge for pads, polos, wraps and other small items. Please provide your own detergent. We are not equipped for sheets and blankets, but a cleaning service is available.
  • Aisles are equipped with brooms, muck buckets, shovels and dust pans. Scoop and sweep each time you leave the aisle so it is clean for the next client.
  • Excess dirt, mud and sand must be brushed off and hooves picked before entering the wash stall to avoid clogging drains.
  • Recycling is available for glass, plastic and cans. Support a green barn policy by using it.
  • The driveway speed limit is 5 MPH. This is a critical safety issue that we feel very strongly about.
  • The green gate that separates the front and back lots of the farm MUST BE KEPT CLOSED AT ALL TIMES.
  • Pets should not be brought to the barn. It is unsafe for them, the horses and riders.
  • Alcoholic beverages and smoking are prohibited in the barns at all times.